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The Basics of Marijuana Strains.

Smoking has become a norm now. 33 states in America allow people to use medical marijuana and in 10 of them, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is also allowed. Thus, do not think that the cannabis industry will be sinking any time soon. Because now people are researching more about this plant the number of strains being discovered is going up too. The number of weed aromas discovered, effects, types and even flavors is impressive. This means keeping tracks of the marijuana strains can be a lot of work. For those just getting into the field, there will be the whole issue about picking a strain that is suitable and also getting started. Additionally, you will want to know the effects the strain you have chosen will produce. It will be quite easy for you to get what you are looking for if you are well versed with the strains. First of all, you should know that there are two main marijuana types which are Indica and Sativa. There is the hybrid strain as well.

All the other strains available are borne from this. Don’t forget that their aromas, effects, flavor and even appearance will have differences. You can’t possibly fit all the information about the different strains in one chart. The kind of categorization present in this article is based on the purpose of the strains and their effects. Even so, some marijuana strains have been seen to have overlapping effects. You can get pain relief and sleep aid effect from one strain. In addition, the effects produced by the different strain depend on an individual. You have to remember that marijuana can interact with some prescription medications. Thus, you need to consult your doctor before using marijuana.

Being informed about this allows you to take proper actions so that you can smoke in peace. In addition, it does not mean just because you cannot smoke marijuana you cannot use it. The cannabis industry is growing fast which is why marijuana is available in various forms. You can still get the traditional flowers to smoke in many cannabis dispensaries. However, there are quite a number of products to cater for the non-smokers. You can purchase vaporizers which are meant for those who like to vape. There is no odor in vaporizers and it is much smoother compared to smoking. Also, marijuana is available in the form of tinctures. They are just drops that are highly-concentrated in the product and you can put them under your tongue for absorption or add them into your food or drink. There are also oils, creams, and even topical products with marijuana.

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