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Things That Make Pigs Better Pets Than Dogs.

Pets are really liked by most people and the different people usually prefer some animals such as dogs and cats to keep as pets. Although dogs are said to be the best pet for many people, pigs can be considered to be a better choice as pets than dogs. There are some things that a pig can do which is impossible for dogs due to being more smart and intelligent than the dogs. A person can train a pig to do various tricks easily and they understand better without forgetting for a long time. Studies show pigs to be able to sense the emotions man and try to do things that will match with the feelings.

Pigs produce certain sounds and show certain behavior when they need something or feeling unwell to alert the owners. The pig can lead someone to the owners house when in trouble by doing some things to make the person follow them or get curious to know what is happening. The life span of a pig is longer than dogs or cats and they can live for some decades when treated in best ways. No one likes to lose their pets but it happens since all living things die although they may enjoy the company of pigs for much longer. A pig can be more clean and east to clean up after than dogs if they are trained and given more attention by the owner.

The fact that pigs do not have fur means they do not mess up the house with fur while playing on seats and such furniture. It is also not easy for them to be affected by parasites such as fleas which are common to dogs who spread it in the house. You can easily clean after a pig since they learn how to use a litter box to help themselves unlike dogs. One can use a bathtub or ponds to cool off the pigs when it is hot without making the place dirty. Being social animals, pigs enjoy the company of man at all times unlike the dogs who usually like to stray away. They are great companions to man and usually do some things to keep the person happy by being playful and also cute. If you stay alone with the pig, you can not get lonely since they enjoy cuddling. When you have a dog as a pet, it is impossible to have a cat as the two keep fighting.

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